taulman 3d

A speciality range of precison engineered filaments, for use in medical, food, engineering and many more professional industries, from one of the world leaders in 3D filament manufacturers.
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  • Bio G by taulman 3D

    A 5 or 10 Metre sample of Bio G by taulman 3D. Bio-Polyethylene Terepthlate Glycol-Modified BIO-G is a new BPETG that has significant biodegradable features. When your design, idea or invention requires a biodegradable super tough polymer, then this is the material to use.
  • Tech G by taulman 3D

    Tech G by taulman 3D

    A 5 or 10 Metre sample of Tech G by taulman 3D. An extremely tough PETG polymer with full FDA approved raw polymer documentation and certification.
  • T-lyne by taulman 3D

    T-lyne by taulman 3D

    5 & 10 Metre samples of T-lyne by taulman 3D. T-lyne is a unique, crystal clear polyethylene copolymer developed specifically for high durability, flexibility, unique viscosity and a wide temperature range. THE potential candidate for Prosthetics. When placed in hot water you can reshape and it will hold its new shape when cooled!
  • BluPrint by taulman 3D

    BluPrint by taulman 3D

    5 & 10 Metre samples of BluPrint by taulman 3D. BluPrint is a “specialty” material and has a Tg of 110C+ but with a print temp of only 265C. BluPrint will allow designers to 3D Print parts that will take high heat for outdoor use such as part replacements for Autos, Boats and Aircraft.