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taulman 3d

A speciality range of precison engineered filaments, for use in medical, food, engineering and many more professional industries, from one of the world leaders in 3D filament manufacturers.
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Bio G by taulman 3D

A 5 or 10 Metre sample of Bio G by taulman 3D. Bio-Polyethylene Terepthlate Glycol-Modified BIO-G is a new BPETG that has significant biodegradable features. When your design, idea or invention requires a biodegradable super tough polymer, then this is the material to use.

Nylon "Bridge" by Taulman 3D

A 5 or 10 Metre sample of Nylon "Bridge" by taulman 3D. A Lab certified measure of tensile strength. Better Adherence to the Printing platform. Reduced water up-take from local humidity. Non-destructive evaluation (Opacity). Reduced Shrinkage. Reduced price, now comparable with ABS & PLA.

Nylon 230 1.75mm by taulman 3D

5 & 10 Metre samples of Nylon 230 by taulman 3D. A chemically resistant Nylon, easy to print, no heated bed required!

PCTPE by taulman 3D

A 5 or 10 Metre sample of PCTPE by taulman 3D. Plasticized Copolyamide ThermoPlastic Elastomer. An extremely flexible yet durable and strong TPE and nylon based material. Highly flexible material, yet as strong as nylon.

Tech G by taulman 3D

A 5 or 10 Metre sample of Tech G by taulman 3D. An extremely tough PETG polymer with full FDA approved raw polymer documentation and certification.

Nylon 645 by Taulman 3D

A 5 Metre sample of Nylon 645 by Taulman 3D. This Nylon Polymer creates beautifully smooth and very strong, industrial type prints. Can be used on the majority, if not all 3D FFM Desktop printers. Does not emit fumes, almost no de-lamination is very easy to print.

Nylon 680 by taulman 3D

5 & 10 Metre samples of Nylon 680 by taulman 3D. An FDA Nylon Resin Co-Polymer, Ethylene Oxide and Flash Steam compatible. It is a pure polymer that is FDA approved (USA). Now in its testing phase of development. Slightly stiffer and clearer in colour than Nylon 645. More information to follow.

T-lyne by taulman 3D

5 & 10 Metre samples of T-lyne by taulman 3D. T-lyne is a unique, crystal clear polyethylene copolymer developed specifically for high durability, flexibility, unique viscosity and a wide temperature range. THE potential candidate for Prosthetics. When placed in hot water you can reshape and it will hold its new shape when cooled!

Alloy 910 by taulman 3D

A 5 or 10 Metre sample of Alloy 910 by taulman 3D. With a tensile strength @ 8,100 PSI this is the Schwarzenegger of the filament world! Alloy 910, the advanced New Material release from taulman 3D

BluPrint by taulman 3D

5 & 10 Metre samples of BluPrint by taulman 3D. BluPrint is a “specialty” material and has a Tg of 110C+ but with a print temp of only 265C. BluPrint will allow designers to 3D Print parts that will take high heat for outdoor use such as part replacements for Autos, Boats and Aircraft.

guidel!ne by taulman 3D

High strength FDA Registered - ISO 10993 PETG based material available in 1.75mm & 2.85mm samples.

T-glase by Taulman 3D

A 5 Metre sample of T-Glase filament by Taulman 3D. A low temperature, Industrial grade 3D printing filament. Available in several different colours, classed as water clear. Made from FDA approved polymers, very low shrinkage, prints on glass, Kapton and other platform materials. Due to the clarity of T-Glase the coloured filaments are translucent.