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Polyester Filaments

Polyethylene terephthalate ~ PET or PETT & PET + Is a thermoplastic polymer from the family of polyesters. Used in the creation of plastic water bottles and polyester film, that is used all around the world.  It is very strong and impact resistant, with a good barrier against mositure.  As you will see from in this section there are several manufacturers of this 3D Desktop filament type.
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PCTPE by taulman 3D

A 5 or 10 Metre sample of PCTPE by taulman 3D. Plasticized Copolyamide ThermoPlastic Elastomer. An extremely flexible yet durable and strong TPE and nylon based material. Highly flexible material, yet as strong as nylon.


A 5 Metre sample of 3DXNano™ ESD PETG by 3DXTech. Carbon Nanotube (CNT) enhanced compounds are used in critical applications that require electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection and a high level of cleanliness. A superior conductive filament that raises the 3D Filament bar to yet another level.

Alloy 910 by taulman 3D

A 5 or 10 Metre sample of Alloy 910 by taulman 3D. With a tensile strength @ 8,100 PSI this is the Schwarzenegger of the filament world! Alloy 910, the advanced New Material release from taulman 3D

Bendlay by Orbi-Tech

5 & 10 Metre samples of Bendlay filament by Kai Parthy. A clear, strong and flexible material. Featured as unbreakable and food safe. When bending and flexing this material, there is no whitening of the filament itself. No odours or fumes when printing.

Bio G by taulman 3D

A 5 or 10 Metre sample of Bio G by taulman 3D. Bio-Polyethylene Terepthlate Glycol-Modified BIO-G is a new BPETG that has significant biodegradable features. When your design, idea or invention requires a biodegradable super tough polymer, then this is the material to use.

T-glase by Taulman 3D

A 5 Metre sample of T-Glase filament by Taulman 3D. A low temperature, Industrial grade 3D printing filament. Available in several different colours, classed as water clear. Made from FDA approved polymers, very low shrinkage, prints on glass, Kapton and other platform materials. Due to the clarity of T-Glase the coloured filaments are translucent.

Tech G by taulman 3D

A 5 or 10 Metre sample of Tech G by taulman 3D. An extremely tough PETG polymer with full FDA approved raw polymer documentation and certification.