PLA Mineral by Fiberlogy


Product information


Details do matter. Especially when you need to print very precise models or sculptures. Then you will find PLA MINERAL very helpful. It is a material that resembles plaster casting. This distinctive feature, combined with the precision of the prints, makes it possible to use it in architectural and artistic studios, detailed prototyping and modelling.
No shape poses a challenge for PLA MINERAL. Its properties allow for accurate replication of even the tiniest elements. Test it for yourself and you will see every detail.


  • MODELS: buildings, structures, land development projects, interiors
  • DECORATIONS: statues, sculptures, reliefs
  • MODELING: small elements requiring high precision
  • PROTOTYPES: concept models, small parts


  • satin surface thanks to the addition of chalk
  • very good printing precision

How to print?

  • print temperature: 190-210°C
  • bed temperature: 50-70°C (when using plates or other means to increase the adhesion, the heating of the bed is not required)

Technical Specifications

Brand Fiberlogy


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