HTPLA Matte Fibre Aromatic Pine by Proto-Pasta

Matte Fiber HTPLA is great for both artistic and technical parts, more colourful, lower wear alternative to Carbon Fiber.

Product information

We've turned a tree into filament! This is a tedious process where we transform pine needles into a fine, dry powder. We then add them to our plastic pellets to make this special filament.

In 2017, we brought you a rich translucent brown that perfectly highlighted the real flecks of Christmas tree. The next year, we mixed it up a little by using our matte fiber base. This resulted in a creamy, opaque base with natural, dark brown flecks, giving it a great wood-like finish.
We just couldn't decide which version we like best, though: Translucent or Matte. So we brought them both back.

Special considerations when printing HTPLA - Depending on your hardware, HTPLA can heat treat inside your hotend, creating a bulb that restricts extrusion. This bulb can be mechanically removed or overcome with higher-than-standard nozzle temperatures. Consider our blog for more on avoiding jamming.

Special considerations when printing Matte Fiber - Matte fiber readily absorbs moisture, affecting printing. Dry material prints best, but keeping material dry is challenging. With wet material, you can reduce flow % to reduce over-extrusion. Keeping printing speed up and temperature down also helps reduce stringing and oozing, though strings can be easy to remove after printing. Still can't get a good result? Dry the material at less 80 deg C (175 deg F) until the result improves.

Special considerations when heat treating HTPLA - Heat treating can increase the usefulness of HTPLA from about 60 deg C to 160 deg C (140 deg F to 320 deg F). This transformation only requires a few minutes in a warm oven, but can include deformation will include shrinkage. Scale parts before printing to compensate for shrinkage. To test the process, print a small cube, measure x/y and z dimensions. Bake at 120 deg C (250 deg C) for 30 minutes, let cool, and measure again. Compare dimensions to calculate shrinkage and/or growth.
You may notice a pleasant pine scent when filament is warm like during printing or heat treating!

Technical Specifications

Brand Proto-pasta
Weight 0.037kg

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