HTPLA Aromatic Cinnamon by ProtoPasta

Proto-pasta's High Performance PLA with the Aroma of Cinnamon!

Product information

PLA is a favorite 3D printing filament due to it's low printing temperature, good surface finish and easy to achieve bed adhesion. HTPLA adds to that with the ability to anneal parts for increased heat resistance and stiffness. This special blend of HTPLA also features a delicious cinnamon aroma when heated, so prepare to have the best smelling workshop in town!

This HTPLA shares features with standand HTPLA such as easy printing and the ability to heat-treat your prints for a  stiffer, more heat resistant part. What makes this filament extra special is the delightful cinnamon aroma it gives off when heated. This means while the filament is printing your workspace will be filled with the plesant aroma of toasted cinnamon.


This cinnamon aromatic 3D printer filament is a blend, but unlike other composite materials is non-abrasive - meaning it prints perfectly with standard brass nozzles. (it's worth mentioning that hardened nozzles will print any filament, so any setup will accept this filament)


  • Printing Temperature: 192-230°C
  • Bed Temperature: Room temperature - 50°C (Heated bed not required)
  • Filament Weight: 500g (0.50kg)

Technical Specifications

Brand Proto-pasta
Weight 0.037kg


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