Bio G by taulman 3D

A 5 or 10 Metre sample of Bio G by taulman 3D. Bio-Polyethylene Terepthlate Glycol-Modified BIO-G is a new BPETG that has significant biodegradable features. When your design, idea or invention requires a biodegradable super tough polymer, then this is the material to use.

Product Information

United States of America

BIO-G is a new BPETG that has significant biodegradable features.    When your design, idea or invention requires a biodegradable super tough polymer, one that you can count on to survive significant shock and resist harsh chemicals, BIO-G is there to support you.  BIO-G is relatively new on the market and has gone through significant testing to meet several certifications.  Like all taulman3D materials, you can count on printing huge pieces with no delamination.
FDA approved raw material

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USA - Early Testing taulman 3d

Note:  All filament weights include packaging. Average weight for 5 metres of 1.75mm filament (without packaging) is 15 gms and 5 metres of 3mm filament is 35 gms.

Samples are shipped in a clear resealable bag, with a small sachet of silica gel.

Manufacturer recommended printer temperatures.

Prints at ~238C on glass heated to 45C with a coat of PVA

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Technical Specifications

Brand taulman 3D
Weight 0.075kg

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