Bendlay Flex by Kai Parthy

A clear, strong and flexible PETT material.

Product information


Information courtesy of 3ders.

Left: Bendlay tough, right: Bendlay flex

It’s the latest edition of Kai’s BENDLAY series (the previous iteration being BENDLAY tough, which is more durable and resilient than ABS or PLA), that copies many of the qualities of its processor, while also being extremely flexible. Need proof? Just check out the YouTube clip below:

The filament’s full features are:

  • near glass clear
  • low water absortion (easy to store)
  • printing at ~ 220° to 240°C
  • thermal stable as PLA (65 – 70°C)
  • best interlayer adhesion
  • Soluble in brake cleaner; acetone will make BENDLAY crumble

All this makes BENDLAY a very useful filament that can be used for a variety of objects that cannot be easily created in regular filaments. Just think of thin bottles and cups (due to its watertight properties), squeezable toys for children (and dogs) and even straps, wristbands or soles for your shoes. It therefore adds a whole new dimension to your 3D printer’s potential.

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Note:  All filament weights include packaging. Average weight for 5 metres of 1.75mm filament (without packaging) is 15 gms and 5 metres of 3mm filament is 45 gms.

Samples are shipped in a clear resealable bag, with a small sachet of silica gel.

Manufacturer recommended printer temperatures.
Extrusion Temp: Has been printed at 220-240ºC

Platform Temp: Printed on Hot and Cold beds

Please note, the above temperatures are only a guide.

Unique Specialty filament sample database

Technical Specifications

Brand Orbi-Tech
Weight 0.045kg


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