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ABS Filaments

Some of the filaments throughout this GlobalFSD shop may be made up primarily of ABS polymer, that is why you will see it in this main section.  It will also appear in other categories.
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A 5 or 10 Metre sample of 3DXSTAT™ ESD ABS by 3DXTech. Carbon Nanotube (CNT) enhanced compounds are used in critical applications that require electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection and a high level of cleanliness. A superior conductive filament that raises the 3D Filament bar to yet another level.

ABS-X by Filaprint

A new ABS filament on the 3D printing filament marketplace, named ABS X, manufactured in the Netherlands. Very low odour and Zero Warping.

ClearScent ABS™ by FormFutura Clear Only (not Blue)

5 & 10 Metre samples of ClearScent ABS™ by FormFutura ClearScent™ ABS is an almost odourless ABS filament with a very high transparency, as it lets 90% of visible light pass through its fiber. This unique high transparency rate for modified ABS type of 3D printer filaments allows that ClearScent™ ABS can also be coloured in beautiful semi-transparent colours.

Glow in The Dark ABS by Reprapper Tech Co Ltd

5 & 10 Metre samples of Reprapper Tech Ltd ABS Glow in the Dark Filament. Glow in the Dark filament, does exactly that, place it in the dark and watch it glow!

High Density Natural ABS by Gmass

100gms of High Density specialised printer filament by Turner Medtech

Thermotemperature Changing ABS

5 & 10 Metre samples of ABS Thermochanging Filament. At a low temperature the filament is one colour and as the temperature increases the filament turns a different colour. When the filament temperature cools it goes back to its original tone. However, just holding it in your warm hand can change the colour again. Here we have; Blue Green to Yellow Green - Grey to White - Purple to Pink available in 1.75mm & 3mm.

Ultra Violet Reactive ABS by Reprapper Tech Ltd

5 & 10 Metre samples of ABS Ultra Violet Reactive Filament. This filament changes colour almost instantly when exposed to UV light, especially when in direct sunlight. The colour changes back to white within just a few seconds.