About Us



Working in association with 3D FilaPrint to offer you this amazing opportunity to try out some of the worlds newest and greatest filaments on the 3D Desktop printing market.  Having spent the past two years, providing filaments around Europe, USA and a few other locations, we wanted to give the worldwide 3D printing community the opportunity to try before you buy, without having to dig deep into your pockets.

After months of feedback from 3D FilaPrint customers and technicians, it was unanimously agreed that 5 & 10 metre samples are adequate for initial testing, a practical weight for posting across the globe, at a price that we hope would be affordable for the majority of 3D printing enthusiasts around the world.

We continuously monitor 3d filament development and are personally in touch with many of the finest filament manufacturers from around the globe, as soon as we hear of a new filament you can be certain that it wont be long before we are offering a sample for you to try.  So come back often, you wont be dissapointed.

We hope you enjoy!

The GlobalFSD Team
Arif - Anwar - Tim - Yuliya