1.75mm 100% Recycled HIPS by Fila-Cycle

Cool Grey HIPS by Fila-Cycle

Product information

United Kingdom

For detailed information on this material go to Fila-Cycle

This is our 3D printing filament material FCHIP-100 made from 100% recycled HIPS plastic material. 

An environmentally sustainable alternative to virgin plastic polymer filaments 

It IS a draft and rapid prototype material to help keep your costs down and you Earth friendly!! 

Current availability 

- Diameter available 1.75mm

Recommended Settings 

- Nozzle temp 210 - 230°C
- Heated bed platform temp 90 - 110°C
- Printing speed 2000mm/min or less
- Resolution 200 microns

Technical Specifications

Brand Fila-Cycle
Weight 0.037kg


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